Live At The East

“Live at the East” was recorded December 15, 2007 at the East Brunswick Hotel in Melbourne. Just under one hours worth of acceleration. Sixteen tracks as they blew off the stage on the night. “It’s like the greatest hits live” one excited punter said! Damn straight it is…
tracks include…
* Second In Charge
* All of Me (All Over You)
* Skinny Skinny Skinny
* Love So Much
* Van Diemens Hop
* Off My Chops
* Jason Your A Lout
* Time Machine
* Hot Rod Tip Truck
* EH Leatherette
* Rocket 88
* Throttle Jockey Demon
* Evil Knieval
* Top Night Out
* Sugar Coated Love
* My Saving Grace

Order Live At The East LAE @ $25.00

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