Monster In A Box


Recorded 2015 at Hailstone Studio It’s been a long time coming, but finally here it is, the latest studio album containing 14 original tracks. “This new release full of original material has definitely captured their somewhat trademark magic.” -Dingo PBS 106.7fm Melb.

* Monster In A Box
* Tough Stickers
* Sober And Straight
* Can’t Wait To See You
* It Ain’t That Hard
* Best Band In The Land
* She Detonates My Rocket
* Scat Attack
* Nightloss
* Health Cigarettes
* Bump Bump Bump
* Line And Tackle
* Grogula
* She’s Mad

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Live At The East

“Live at the East” was recorded December 15, 2007 at the East Brunswick Hotel in Melbourne. Just under one hours worth of acceleration. Sixteen tracks as they blew off the stage on the night. “It’s like the greatest hits live” one excited punter said! Damn straight it is…
tracks include…
* Second In Charge
* All of Me (All Over You)
* Skinny Skinny Skinny
* Love So Much
* Van Diemens Hop
* Off My Chops
* Jason Your A Lout
* Time Machine
* Hot Rod Tip Truck
* EH Leatherette
* Rocket 88
* Throttle Jockey Demon
* Evil Knieval
* Top Night Out
* Sugar Coated Love
* My Saving Grace

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Top Night Out

The fourth full length album by The Dets. Recorded at Atlantis Sound, February 2007.
11 cracking original tracks and a few interpretations, a good place to start for the uninitiated…
tracks include…
* Second In Charge
* What Happened To My Cash
* Jason Your A Lout
* Human Torque Wrench
* Time Machine
* She Dont Need me
* van Diemen’s Hop
* All of Me (All Over You)
* Off My Chops
* EH Leatherette
* You Sexy Thing
* Sugar Coated Love
* Top Night Out

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Bombshell was recorded August 2003 at Sing Sing studio in Richmond with Rob Dillon.
11 originals and again a few interpretations to the Dets liking…
* Throttle Jockey Demon
* Crazy Heart
* Its Alright
* My Saving Grace (intro)
* My Saving Grace
* Just Your Fool
* Bombshell
* Travellin’ Man
* Drinking at Home
* Workin’s Sure a Drag
* Blessing and a Curse
* Bitter Cup
* Evil Knieval
* Six O’clock News

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Everybody Stay Calm

Everybody Stay Calm. Recorded 1999 at Soundhouse studio with Rob Dillon. 11 originals and some tempters from the Dets archive of covers.
* Skinny Skinny Skinny
* Love So Much
* Long Blonde Hair
* Spaceman in my Loungeroom
* That Girl Would Look Better (standing next to me)
* Queensland Moon
* One Drink
* Live it Up
* Hot Rod Tip Truck
* Burn Rubber Burn
* She’s Dynamite
* Six Days On The Road
* My girls a Doll
* Team Cream

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Blow It Up

Blow It Up was recorded in a friends bungalow by TT Slim, our then drummer. It was 1997 and the recently formed Detonators where in need of product. Slim’s Teac 4 track was just the ticket. Raw and real… 3 originals and a host of our old favourites..
* Ain’t Got You
* Shame On You Miss Roxy
* Don’t Let Go
* Somethin’ Else
* Broken Down Old Ford
* Viva Las Vegas
* Up The Line
* Blame It On The Moon
* Ring Of Fire
* Lotta Lovin’
* I’ve Just Been Your Good Thing
* Good Times (Are Killing Me)
* I’m Going Home (To See My Baby)
* Keep On Lovin’ Me
* What Are You Doin’ To Me?
* Thirty Days
* King Of The Road

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